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Michele Dragonetti

I am focused primarily on my ongoing Boat Hulls series of abstract photographs, but the travel that I do in developing this series allows me to also continue to work on street photography and photographing architecture and urban landscapes.

Aleksandar Saša Škorić

Saša works across multiple disciplines including textile design,
illustration and graphic design.
Since 2009 he has been cutting paper and turning it into a wondrous

Princess Pea

Artist presents her alter ego in the form of living toy an anime-style figure that can neither talk, smell or hear & breathe in utopian space.

From what began as a means of world-building from the perspective of Princess Pea in my early years, I have moved towards a more collaborative, time-based and intervention led practice. My practice has moved into thinking about the politics and aesthetics of care, women-led narratives of self and economies of domestic life amongst women and children. A continuation of previously explored ideas weaving together narratives of contemporary gender stereotypes with mythologies of the feminine. This creates an as yet, untold story of the ‘woman’. A continuation of her earlier works, community building and raising voices that have cultural and sociopolitical connotations, in the telling of this tale of the ‘ideal’ feminine.

Nozomi Uchida

Illustrator + Designer. Tries to keep it funny.

Stephanie Montgomery

Monty focuses primarily on celebrating women's strength and beauty through representational portrait and figurative drawings and character concepts. This celebration of human design inspires her own self love in an infinitely reciprocal exchange of creative energy.