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How did you Survive the Last Year?

We hosted our first event in Dallas at sustainable boutique, Sept Studios. For many attending, it was their first time venturing outside for pleasure throughout this pandemic. We asked guests what they did over the last year to keep going.

Aside from spending time talking with some of my dearest friends and favorite people I had not seen in years, it was energizing to enjoy the sun down south by the thriving river in Trinity Groves. The weather was a perfect setting to introduce people to the thoughtful designs we worked hard to make available in time for the event. This trunk show with models in looks from the runway, new cuts in knitwear and outerwear, accessorized in our newest styles was a chance to give people a unique experience we can't wait to do again.

When we originally partnered with Sept Studios, we began by selling our gold Social Butterfly Ring Sets. After stocking twice through the winter, we wanted to explore what selling ready-to-wear might look like. For this brand, it is important to me personally to have a transparent conversation about our ethical business practices so customers are learning as we continue to grow about the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

In preparation for the event, we used left over fabric to make handbag dust bags and self-fabric, matching packaging for our limited stock of masks from leftover runway fabric. Our partnership with Sept is one that prompts us to find inventive ways to minimize waste.

Did you transform, meditate, move, or grow?

Our giveaways during the event, promoted four ideals that our newest available products embodied: transformation - for men or women the symbol of the butterfly on our 3D silk-screen t-shirts or best-selling twin set rings (NOW AVAILABLE IN SILVER - we listened!), meditation - a moment away from devices to reflect and find a reintroduction - our first collectible collection comic book chronicling our trip to Japan (only 30 copies remain!), movement - many shared they'd broke up, divorced, moved out, moved in, changed jobs, changed cities, and for that the celebratory movement of our hybrid earrings with free and bouncy fringe (available in four colors), and growth - our first of many collaborative artist graphic t-shirts, Deus Ex Machina with the incredibly talented, Stephanie Monty.

I think many of us are looking for hope - that sort of rejuvenating power of spring that continues to affirm life does in fact go on. I am so grateful to those of you that attended, brought along friends, and of course, those of you who chose to shop this niche brand in a time when we are watching the fashion industry shrink and new talent finding it more challenging than ever to find visibility - more importantly, I've always felt community was more effective for visibility than face time; to build supportive and meaningful relationships. That is genuine sustainability. Until next time, soak up the sun and enjoy the May flowers as they bloom.


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